Daniel & I went out for our weekly hill repeat session. As per the plan we should do 13 repeat.

I was not sure if I can manage that on my tired legs from last marathon on Friday night. But I didnt want to break the consistency therefore decided to go for the run. After 3km at an Okay pace, we started our hill repeat. Loop no. 3 & 4 were difficult for me, I was thinking how I’m going to do 13. Then somehow it became easy (may be because I lowered my pace down). All I did from there on to follow Daniel. By the time I realixed it was already 9 loops. We manged to do 15 loops (2 bonus). After finishing the hill repeats, we ran 6K slowly back home incl. 1K on mountain bike route

Total ascent for the day was 365m

Workout like this always leaves you with good mood & motivation.

Next weekend it gonna be 16 repeats :)

Endomondo: http://app.endomondo.com/workouts/472819411/1550181