Great trail run with Claus Geisler this morning in the drizzle. It was awesome catching up with him & showing trails in my area.

First time I met Claus more than 1.5+ years back during my first Ultra-Marathon in 2014 (Ultraløbet Gendarmstien), he was helping as the race crew & I still remember him cheering & handing out a coke can to me at the finish. We got connected through Facebook after the event. And today after 1.5 years, we met & ran together. From past 2.5 years, he is recovering from a serious injury & he had to start all over from the beginning by short walks, short runs & now running >10km. Today, it was his longest run (15km) in 2.5 years. Even though we hardly know each other (only through FB), we felt connected at different levels. And one BIG thing that connects us is RUNNING.

This is the awesome thing about trail running. Its about PEOPLE you meet, CONNECTIONS you make & the PASSION you share.

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