Hvammstangi, North West Iceland

Day 7 of Iceland road trip started with early morning run in Hvammstangi, North-west Iceland along the beautiful Miðfjörður fjord. Total ascent 150m

North Iceland

Day 5 of the road trip in Iceland. Ran/hiked through the lava fields straight uphill to the Hverfjall volcano crater. And ran two loops on the 3km crater rim. Awesome view from the top!

East coast, Iceland

From this morning's run at the East coast of Iceland along the Atlantic Ocean.  Pic is at the 'hydration stop' with water coming directly from the glacier.

Gullfoss, Iceland

Morning run in Iceland from the campsite to Gullfoss waterfall & back....Huge & beautiful waterfall! Falling in love with this amazing country & it's landscape.

7 days x 7 Half Marathons

Started a 'crazy' running project today with running buddy Daniel Lübker to run 7 half marathons in 7 consecutive days(or 7x21.1km = 147.7km). Would be interesting & as well as challenging to manage that with

Mandø Marathon 2014

Mandø Marathon 2014: Goal was to help Jiayi(a teenager) to finish her first marathon by pacing her all the way. So proud of her for completing her first marathon. Well done, Jiayi !


Nice early morning run from Sheraton, Roma to Colosseum( & back) alongside river Tiber


Awesome run from Frafjord to Månafossen, Norway with several photo stops. Ran with my aunt for the first time. Total ascent around 305m Half Marathon no. 106