Thy Trail Marathon 2016

Thy Trail Marathon 2016 Spent the day today at Thy National park to run the Thy Trail Marathon. Race organisers claims that its Denmark's harshest marathon & I can't agree more! It's indeed one of

Trail run with Claus

Great trail run with Claus Geisler this morning in the drizzle. It was awesome catching up with him & showing trails in my area. First time I met Claus more than 1.5+ years back during

Vinter Ultra Mols Bjerge (VUMB) 2016

Vinter Ultra Mols Bjerge (VUMB) 2016 aka Hug (KRAM) Fest: A race report from 104km & 2653m(total ascent) long bliss! Event date: 6th & 7th February 2016 Upto the Race Day: After taking 1 month break from running in India,