Love running in colorful autumn!

This pic is from Alster lake park in Hamburg. Clicked during a 16K early
morning run.

Pic is from the neighbourhood.

7 Days, 7 Half Marathon Project: Complete

RunningPosted by Rahul Yadav Sun, September 28, 2014 15:16:15
Mission Accomplished !

Ran 7 half-marathons in 7 consecutive days that adds upto total of 149km. This is for the first time I’ve ever crossed 100km weekly mileage. Glad that I didn’t have any injury or major crisis during the project. Thank you almighty!

Ofcourse it wasn’t easy, both mentally & physically. More difficult was to squeeze time for these runs in the middle of work, travel & other commitments.

Thank you everyone who supported & cheered me up on the social network(s)

Finally, it’s time to chill & relax !