3112, 2015

Marbæk Trail 21st Nov

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One of our busiest & biggest running project was successfully executed yesterday (MARBÆK TRAIL 21st Nov 2015). It took us weeks & months of planning & preparation right from route planning all the way to

3112, 2015

HM#170: Comeback after 4 weeks hiatus

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Went out for an early morning trail half marathon after almost 4 weeks of hiatus from running. My body is totally detrained!!! Never ever I've struggled that much during a trail half marathon. What 4

3112, 2015

My PRs

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Ultra-Marathon(59.2KM): - 06h:05m @ Gendarmstien Ultraløbet, 14th Jun'14 ( 06h:05m) Marathon: - 3h:29m:21s @ Hamburg Marathon 19th May'14 Half-Marathon: - 1h:33m:00s @ Run to the beat, Denmark (Sep'15) 10K: - 41m:14s @ Kilen Rundt (May'15) 5K:

109, 2015

Bye bye (hopefully) to Knee pain & 5K PR

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Is it my Physio OR the lucky T-shirt (I got from Seema’s company at the relay race 2 weeks back) OR is it me who did the magic. Been struggling with my right knee since

1108, 2015

My 100KM debut!!!

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NDURE 100KM ULTRA TRAIL "Journey from (pre-race) Euphoria , through Misery & Hope (during race) to (post race) Contentment." Pre-race: I have been looking forward to this ultra for a long time as it was

2806, 2015

North Sea Beach Marathon 2015

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North Sea Beach Marathon 2015: So here I went again third year in a row to run the North Sea Beach #Marathon. There is something about this marathon that brings me back year after year.

1406, 2015

Rodeo Valley Trail 50K Ultra

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My first official run in the U.S. that I was looking forward to since signup. Firstly because of the scenery around the course & the challenge this difficult course with total ascent of 1658m will

1205, 2015

New 10K, 5K, 3K & 12 min PRs :)

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Great run with colleagues with a new 5K & 10K personal best. Didnt expect that today. Improvement of 47sec for 10K distance on the same route from last week :)

105, 2015


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April ended with all time highest monthly mileage = 333 KM

2802, 2015

Tempo run after a long time…

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Much needed tempo run (atleast mentally) after many weeks & months of slow long distance running. It was HARD ! Think I lost all my fast twitch muscle fibres :D New personal best for 5

902, 2015

Vinter Ultra Mols Bjerge (VUMB) 2015

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Vinter Ultra Mols Bjerge ( #VUMB ) 2015 - 7th & 8th February 2015   A short video that sums up our journey & experience from last weekend’s Ultra-run at Vinter Ultra Mols Bjerge. Summary:

401, 2015

First ride of 2015

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Today I went out with Jiayi for our first bike ride of 2015. Sun was shining with all its glory but its freaking cold & windy. We made this small video with my iPhone using

101, 2015

Bye Bye 2014 !

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Another fun & enriching year of running has passed. During this year, I discovered that I really enjoy trail running. Love the way how one feel connected to the mother nature when you're out there

3112, 2014

Goals for 2015

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Here are my goals for year 2015: Mileage / PB goals: - Run 12 marathons or Ultramarathons or Trail Marathons (Finished 16 so far) - 52 Half Marathons (Finished 48 so far) - Achieve 10K

912, 2014

Run at Sanchi, India (9th Dec)

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From this morning's run in India from Vidisha to the Buddhist monument in Sanchi And on the way back: Endomondo: http://app.endomondo.com/workouts/446029443/1550181 Comments(0)//blog.rahul.dk/#post47 Share Blåbjerg Cannonball Trail run RunningPosted by Rahul Yadav Sun, November 23, 2014

2708, 2014

Hvammstangi, North West Iceland

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Day 7 of Iceland road trip started with early morning run in Hvammstangi, North-west Iceland along the beautiful Miðfjörður fjord. Total ascent 150m

2508, 2014

North Iceland

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Day 5 of the road trip in Iceland. Ran/hiked through the lava fields straight uphill to the Hverfjall volcano crater. And ran two loops on the 3km crater rim. Awesome view from the top!

2408, 2014

East coast, Iceland

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From this morning's run at the East coast of Iceland along the Atlantic Ocean.  Pic is at the 'hydration stop' with water coming directly from the glacier.

2208, 2014

Gullfoss, Iceland

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Morning run in Iceland from the campsite to Gullfoss waterfall & back....Huge & beautiful waterfall! Falling in love with this amazing country & it's landscape.

2108, 2014

7 days x 7 Half Marathons

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Started a 'crazy' running project today with running buddy Daniel Lübker to run 7 half marathons in 7 consecutive days(or 7x21.1km = 147.7km). Would be interesting & as well as challenging to manage that with

1608, 2014

Mandø Marathon 2014

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Mandø Marathon 2014: Goal was to help Jiayi(a teenager) to finish her first marathon by pacing her all the way. So proud of her for completing her first marathon. Well done, Jiayi !

908, 2014


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Nice early morning run from Sheraton, Roma to Colosseum( & back) alongside river Tiber

208, 2014


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Awesome run from Frafjord to Månafossen, Norway with several photo stops. Ran with my aunt for the first time. Total ascent around 305m Half Marathon no. 106

3107, 2014

Tallinn, Estonia

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Got a really nice guided running tour from colleagues of this nice town of Tallinn, Estonia. Happy that I managed to squeeze in a short run in the hectic schedule.

2407, 2014

23K trail run in Sjelborg & Marbæk area

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23K trail run with Daniel in beautiful Sjelborg & Marbøk area. Thanks a lot Daniel for showing me such a great trail route :) Route consists of several up & downhill & terrains(sand, gravel, single