2207, 2014

Run with Atul

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Managed to squeeze in a short run in the busy sightseeing schedule with Atul. Glad that we ran together. Always nice to run with someone. Ran barefoot during the last 7KM. Endomondo: https://www.endomondo.com/workouts/377149420/1550181

1007, 2014

100th Half Marathon in New York !

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Couldn't ask for a better place/route to run & mark my half marathon century covering Hudson riverside, Central Park & Times Square. Feeling so fortunate & blessed ! Thank you higher power Endomondo: https://www.endomondo.com/workouts/370735997/1550181

807, 2014

Half Marathon in New York

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Early morning sightseeing Half marathon in New York covering Tribeca, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn park & Hudson River side Promenade. Loved it ! Half marathon No. 99 !! ( Wish I can run my 100th one

407, 2014

Run#2 in Mallorca

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  Run#2 in Mallorca. Nice tempo run! Didn't think I can run fast today after a long, exhaustive & touristy day yesterday! It was such a great short vacation in this marvelous island. Will be

307, 2014

Touristy run in Mallorca

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Alwyas nice to run in new place. This morning I ran 14.5km along the coast in Palma de Mallorca. Endomondo: https://www.endomondo.com/workouts/366750281/1550181

2906, 2014

North Sea Beach Marathon 2014

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North Sea Marathon 2014: The Challenge : - All the 42.2 km distance in dry & lose sand. - Strong headwind during 2nd half. - My 3rd marathon(2 marathons & one ultra) in three consecutive

2106, 2014

Aabenraa Bjerg(Mountain) Marathon 2014

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Aabenraa Bjerg(Mountain) Marathon 2014 Goals: Since, I decided to run this marathon just yesterday night & showed up at the start line this morning , I had two simple goals for this race: 1. Test

1406, 2014

I’m a Ultra-runner now ! ;-)

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Gendarmstien 58K Ultra Marathon: Finally the day has arrived !!! My first#UltraMarathon - Looking forward to the 58KM journey to Sønderborg on the Ultraløbet Gendarmstien route Race report/Experience: Finally I got a chance to run

106, 2014

22K run in SF !

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Early morning "sightseeing" slow long run in SF covering China beach, Baker Beach, Golden Gate & Presidio. As always, SF is a fantastic place to run

3005, 2014

Life is good when you run !

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From this morning's trail run. Life is good when you run — at Varde Nysø.

2505, 2014

Bike & Run !

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For the first time I tried to ? run long distance right after ? bike ride. Not easy to switch to running from riding & it took a while for the legs to figure out.

2005, 2014

Great run with so many colleagues. Bang & Olufsen rocks !

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Kilen Rundt 2014: Started too fast(again) & consequently had to work very hard towards the end of the run :-| Still very happy for the new 5K & 10K personal best(inspite of not so flat

1605, 2014

Half Marathon on Runway at 2:45AM

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Great start to the day & long weekend! Life time experience of running a half marathon on the runway & that too at 02:45AM. New 10K, 1 hour & Half Marathon personal best Official Finish

405, 2014

Hamburg Marathon 2014

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#Hamburg #Marathon 2014: New Marathon #PR ! Can't ask for more So happy with the results. Very well executed race! Perfect nutrition & pace planning/execution. Official finish time: 3h:29m:21s My Marathon No. 7 !

1104, 2014

Ran in Shenzhen & Hong Kong during Business trip

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From this morning's 14KM run at the Waterfront, Kowloon @ Hong Kong

302, 2014

HM in San Francisco

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Ran a half marathon distance this evening at a good pace in San Francisco. There is no other city where you find so many runners round the clock. Definitely a great place to run with

101, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 !!!

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#2013 has been an incredible year for #running. Covered thousands of kilometres, participated in several races, explored new places/trails/cities, met & connected with interesting people & most importantly #discovered myself a bit in the process.

2909, 2013

Berlin Marathon 2013

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Though as always I wanted to have a new personal best but…. Very happy & content with the fact I completed the race I set out to do(though not a PR). And since I ran

1309, 2013

Rebounding from injury(Achilles Rupture)

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Rebounding from running injury(Achilles tendinities/ tendon rupture). Started running on flat grass to avoid aggravating the injury. Legs/feet already feel good & no pain so far ! Keeping my fingers crossed for Berlin marathon. Some

3006, 2013

North Sea Beach Marathon 2013

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North Sea Beach Marathon 2013 And that was one helluva marathon. Toughest marathon I ran so far. Even harder than Aalborg Brutal marathon I ran in March'13. All the 42.2 km were on sand. First

2005, 2013

Copenhagen Marathon 2013

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Another great experience & a new marathon PR: 3h:32m:13s. It was tough as it rained for the entire race duration. Not easy to run with water in your shoes. My 4th Marathon so far &

2104, 2013

Hamburg Marathon 2013

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Thank god it's over !!! Epic day with new marathon personal best (3h:34:47s). Still cant believe. Thank you family/friends & most importantly, people of Hamburg for all the support at every single step on the

2804, 2011

My first run(28th April 2011)

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Started Running ! Logged my first 2.2K. I had to stop after 400m !!!