West Coast Beach & Trail Marathon 2016

Yesterday, together with Daniel, I race directed West Coast Beach & Trail Marathon 2016 for 60 trail runners where they ran either a half-marathon, marathon or ultra-marathon (65km). Totally love being a race director as

Vinter Ultra Mols Bjerge (VUMB) 2016

Vinter Ultra Mols Bjerge (VUMB) 2016 aka Hug (KRAM) Fest: A race report from 104km & 2653m(total ascent) long bliss! Event date: 6th & 7th February 2016 Upto the Race Day: After taking 1 month break from running in India,

Silva Night Owl Trail Marathon

Event Date: 23rd January 2016. So here comes the race report from my first trail marathon of 2016. From the name itself one can easily figure out that its a trail run in the night.

Adios 2015 & welcome 2016!

Adios 2015 & welcome 2016! 2015, you've been super nice & rewarding - Thanks for everything! You gave me my first 100km Ultra finish along with some other cool race finishes at some awesome locations.

Ultraløbet Molsruten(58KM Ultra-marathon)

Ultraløbet Molsruten, Mols Bjerg National Park, Denmark 27th Sep'14 At the start ! (Photo by: Stine Sophie Winckel) Experience: One of my long awaited runs & my second ultra this year. Thought I was well

Montane Lakeland 52K Julsø Ultra Trail

Overall experience: If I had to describe today's race & experience in one word then I would say its all aboutCAMARADERIE. David, Daniel & I had a ball out there on the trail. We started

My 100KM debut!!!

NDURE 100KM ULTRA TRAIL "Journey from (pre-race) Euphoria , through Misery & Hope (during race) to (post race) Contentment." Pre-race: I have been looking forward to this ultra for a long time as it was

North Sea Beach Marathon 2015

North Sea Beach Marathon 2015: So here I went again third year in a row to run the North Sea Beach #Marathon. There is something about this marathon that brings me back year after year.

Rodeo Valley Trail 50K Ultra

My first official run in the U.S. that I was looking forward to since signup. Firstly because of the scenery around the course & the challenge this difficult course with total ascent of 1658m will

Vinter Ultra Mols Bjerge (VUMB) 2015

Vinter Ultra Mols Bjerge ( #VUMB ) 2015 - 7th & 8th February 2015   A short video that sums up our journey & experience from last weekend’s Ultra-run at Vinter Ultra Mols Bjerge. Summary: