Vinter Ultra Mols Bjerge (VUMB) 2016

Vinter Ultra Mols Bjerge (VUMB) 2016 aka Hug (KRAM) Fest: A race report from 104km & 2653m(total ascent) long bliss! Event date: 6th & 7th February 2016 Upto the Race Day: After taking 1 month break from running in India,

Silva Night Owl Trail Marathon

Event Date: 23rd January 2016. So here comes the race report from my first trail marathon of 2016. From the name itself one can easily figure out that its a trail run in the night.

Ultraløbet Molsruten(58KM Ultra-marathon)

Ultraløbet Molsruten, Mols Bjerg National Park, Denmark 27th Sep'14 At the start ! (Photo by: Stine Sophie Winckel) Experience: One of my long awaited runs & my second ultra this year. Thought I was well

Amsterdam Marathon (19th Oct 2014)

Hell yeah ! Not my day, I was humbled by marathon pace ! Official finish time: 3h:58m:17s Marathon no. 11

First Marathon of 2015 (Cannonball Trail Marathon @ Marbæk plantation)

First marathon of 2015: Great experience organizing the run together with Daniel ! In total we were 15 trail runners; just perfect for this kind of trail run. Not an easy run as it was

Aalborg Brutal Marathon 2015

Aalborg Brutal Marathon 2015 Good to run the Aalborg Brutal Marathon again after 2 years. Great to meet Stefan & run with him for the first half before I had to visit the toilet due

Montane Lakeland 52K Julsø Ultra Trail

Overall experience: If I had to describe today's race & experience in one word then I would say its all aboutCAMARADERIE. David, Daniel & I had a ball out there on the trail. We started

Kilen Rundt 2015

Kilen Rundt 2015 Improved my 10K time (41m:10s) by 2m:29s compared to last year (43m:39s) in the same event. Always fun running with so many colleagues, getting a new personal best & coming no. 10th

Blue Water Stafetten (5x5km Relay Race), Esbjerg, Denmark

I was given the task to run 5km under 21min by Seema & her Semco Maritime girls team. Job delivered in 19m:48s with a new 5K personal best! Had a great time with my wife


Awesome race experience with 3000+ runners incl. so many colleagues. Great to have such a big event in Struer! Started having runners trot after 6-7km that slowed me down & had to go for Plan