Overall experience:
If I had to describe today’s race & experience in one word then I would say its all aboutCAMARADERIE. David, Daniel & I had a ball out there on the trail. We started together, stick together & finished together. Thank you Daniel & David for fantastic teamwork & our chit chats

It was one of those days where everything just clicked. Inspite of having 1200 meters of ascent & so many steep staircases & hills, we managed to keep a good pace throughout the run.

When we started planning for the race few days back, I thought it should take roughly 7 hours for us because of the elevation gain. 2 days back we thought that we should be able to complete it in something around 6h-6h:15m

Feel so fortunate to be able to decide to run in last few days & run 52K with a good finish time without training specifically for the race.
(This pic should be around 8-9KM mark)

About the race:

52KM mostly on trail with several steep hills & staircases adding up to approx. 1200 meter ascent.

No doubt the race is setup in most beautiful area in Denmark. Entire route is scenic with stunning views of the hills & lakes. Would love to run there again some time.

Must say its a very well organised race where organisers have taken care of every bit incl. the very fine start & finish area. Thats exotic for a trail running event!

The depots were perfectly placed with good supplies.

My heartfelt thanks to organising & supporting team.

Gear & Nutrition:

Everything worked like a charm. Used my new Garmin Fenix 3 to track the workout. Didn’t realise that it was setup for “Smart Recording” instead of “Every Second” resulted in 1K distance & 100m ascent short. Otherwise it worked as it should. Still getting used to it :)

(This pic should be around 7-8K mark)

I used half of the gels that I had plan to consume. But no point in the race I felt that my energy levels were going down. And infact we finished strong (one of the strongest Ultra finishes).

The weather was glorious today & couldn’t ask for anything better.

Fantastic day at the running department !

(This pic should be around 50K mark)
Official Finish Time: 5h:38m:49s
Total Ascent = 1200m
My Ultra-Marathon No. 5
Position: #21
Endomondo: http://app.endomondo.com/workouts/505440744/1550181