Awesome race experience with 3000+ runners incl. so many colleagues. Great to have such a big event in Struer!

Started having runners trot after 6-7km that slowed me down & had to go for Plan B. In the beginning tried to control it but towards the end decided to visit the loo but couldn’t find one in the way. So, kept struggling till the end. :)
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When will I learn to:

1. Never start too fast on long distance races

2. NEVER have spicy food night before the race! grin emoticon

Anyways, I’m happy that I still managed a PR (1h:33m)

Feel so blessed to know so many people in this city who where cheering by my name. Thank you everyone & special thanks to Céline who was also helping at one of the depots

So proud of Daniel who came with only one goal to run under 1h:28m & he ran in impressive 1h:27m:18s. It requires guts, discipline & determination to be that bold. Congrats buddy!

Congratulations to all the runners & all my Bang & Olufsen colleagues, we all did great! smile emoticon

My stats

– Half Marathon PR: 1h:33m

– Rank 44 out of 896