Ultraløbet Molsruten, Mols Bjerg National Park, Denmark
27th Sep’14

At the start ! (Photo by: Stine Sophie Winckel)


One of my long awaited runs & my second ultra this year. Thought I was well trained & could finish the 58km under 6 hours but it didn’t go as per the plan. But what the heck, I enjoyed, struggled & persisted inspite of all the odds!

BIG thanks to the race organizers & supporters for putting up such a well organised race with brilliantly marked route!

Taken around half-way mark at Kalø (Photo by: Stine Sophie Winckel)

The route was along the coast of beautiful Molsbjerg National Park. Beautiful scenery all along the route. Great mix of terrain consisting of single track, trails, uphill, beaches, bushes, stones, water, rocks & asphalt

Route as logged by my Suunto

Daniel & I at 20KM depot (Photo by: Moses Lovstad)
Things that went right:

– Camping at Ebletoft on the night before the race.

– No issues with Nutrition/Hydration & all the gears.

– Weather & the arrangement was fantastic.

– Finished the race in decent time.

– Good teamwork with Daniel Lübker, my running buddy & we stick together for the

entire race.

Pic on the left is taken after 20KM depo(Photo by: Stine Sophie Winckel)
Things that went wrong:

– Didn’t manage to reach the goal to finish under 6 hours.

Reflecting a bit on why I didn’t manage to finish under 6 hours:

– May be I fell down 3 times & got few bruises in knees?

– May be I started too fast ?

– May be I gave up too soon ?

– May be because of over training ?

– May be because of extremely hectic 3 days at work prior to the race ?

Don’t think I will ever find that out! Anyways, there’s lot to learn from it!

Stopping my watch at the FINISH !(Photo by: Stine Sophie Winckel)


– Official finish time: 6h:21m:25s

– Total ascent/descent: 384m/380m

– My Ultramarathon no. 2

Endomondo: http://app.endomondo.com/workouts/415172766/1550181
Finisher’s certificate :)

Next stop is Amsterdam Marathon on Oct 19th !